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GAIN is a community of investors, with charitable status, set to change the staggering lack of gender diversity in investment management, from the ground up. In the UK, women represent just 8% of decision makers in investment management. At entry level, it’s not much better - it’s understood that only 20% of applicants to the industry are women. Our purpose is to inform and inspire – we inform young women with online resources, bringing helpful information on careers in investment to their fingertips. We inspire young women with a strong network of female role models, who speak in high schools and universities around the UK and feature on our online channels, delivering compelling and high-impact messages on the many benefits of investing as a career. 

If you’re passionate about helping us to changing a status quo which is inequitable, self-perpetuating, and detrimental to high-quality investment decision making, please get in touch to find out how volunteering can help us meet our objective to increase the female application rate in the UK investment industry to 50% within ten years.  You will be joining a strong community of volunteers – all inspirational women in investing and there are a variety of ways to get involved:

•Speaking at school/university talks, workshops and careers events

•Mentoring university students (GAIN ambassadors)

•Help us extend our school and university outreach

•Become a GAIN university liaison

•Recommend us to your company for  partnership/sponsorship


See our upcoming and past events here


Event Testimonials

"The feedback from our students was vastly positive. Two girls in particular have been thoroughly inspired and want to become investors"

Reading Blue Coat School

"I thoroughly enjoyed the GAIN webinar and learnt a lot about careers in investment through participating; for example, I found Annabel Watson's insight into the ethical side of the industry and Anna Gallagher's experience working with China greatly interesting. This has encouraged me to explore a career in finance more broadly."

Student, University of Cambridge on COVID panel event

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