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Francesca Warner


Job Title




Ada Ventures



Area of investment/asset class

Venture Capital. This means providing funding to high-potential companies very early in their development to help kick-start their growth.


Please can you briefly describe your role?

I helped set up Ada, a new venture capital firm.  At Ada, I seek out the talented entrepreneurs around the UK from a diverse array of backgrounds.  I provide funding to those with the greatest potential to help them grow their businesses. 


How did you get into investing?

Through a series of fortunate accidents. Having spent a few years working in advertising I decided that I wanted a career in technology and discovered this thing called 'venture capital'. I thought it sounded interesting and  great way to get to know the world of technology. My original plan was to spend two years in it before going into something else but I love it so I have stayed ever since.


What do you most love about your job?

The variety. I love spending time with entrepreneurs doing incredible things, solving varied problems from improving quality of life for the aging population, to tackling mental health.


Where did you go to University and what did you study?

I went to Cambridge University and studied English Literature.


Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

I play a lot of sport, including cricket and golf. My earliest ambition was to be an actor but I realised (thankfully) that I wasn't good enough to make it.