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Mona Shah


Job Title

Director- Investment Strategy & Research



Stonehage Fleming



Area of investment/asset class

Multi-asset investing. I work across all the major types of investment, including equities, fixed income and alternative investments on behalf of family investors.


Please can you briefly describe your role?

I identify and research the best possible investments for my clients. Then I help them to put together the best possible mix of different types of investments to meet their needs. I have a particular focus on sustainability which is one of my passions!


How did you get into investing?

After many many different work experiences from being an Intern at Vogue to working in a law firm, i finally settled on the finance industry. I guess you could say I sort of fell into it!


What do you most love about your job?

Every day is different! I'm an endlessly curious person and this job satisfies my curiosity. I love being surrounded by smart and talented people and we all learn something from each other which is great.


Where did you go to University and what did you study?

Economics and Politics at Bristol University


Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

I recently started a sustainability blog on Instagram called @busybeingabetterhuman