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Yvonne Bajela      


Job Title

Founding Member and Principal



Impact X Capital Partners LLP


Area of investment/asset class?

Venture Capital. This means providing funding to high-potential companies very early in their development to help kick-start their growth.


Please can you briefly describe your role?

The majority of my time is spent finding possible investments, making those investments and then helping the companies I have invested in to support their growth and development.


How did you get into investing?

I started my career working in investment banking after securing an internship at an American bank and I also spent a short time working in strategy consulting. So before entering the VC industry I already had some knowledge on finance, accounting and how equity finance works. However, it was during my time in the corporate development division of Mitsui, a Japanese financial company, that I had my first exposure to venture investing.


What do you most love about your job?

The best part of the role is seeing great ideas ideas come to life and companies transforming industries. Ultimately, its the founders that take on a major personal risk and its a challenging, all-consuming job, so I see it as my role to work with the companies I invest in to make their journey easier in any way possible. When the companies win, we also win. 


Where did you go to University and what did you study?

 Brunel University, Economics and Business Finance BSc


Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

I wanted to be a doctor up until I was 15 and realised how squeamish I was!