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Dear colleagues,

This is the first of my series entitled "letters from my home office". My home office has never seen such action before and by that I mean videoing, shouting at my co-worker/husband (for drinks and snacks!), sleeping (not me, my dog), and sweating. The investment team is working flat out so I have thought about how to make my 2m x 3m space as conducive as possible.

Rule number 1: absolutely no news, no podcasts, there is enough depressing reading from strategists in my inbox. Background music is often "binaural beats", conference calls where I can't be seen are an opportunity for "chair yoga" and prior to lunchtime or rather hanger-time, promptly at 1:30pm every day, I do a 30 minute workout. 6pm is the daily walk, an opportunity to clear the head, as often more work is required later. Here are my favourite online Instagram workouts. Next week, I'll tell you about my volunteering, I need to be kept out of trouble at the weekends.

-Xtend Barre London £5 a class book through their website or the mind body app
-The Salt Drop – free/donation 3x a day on their Instagram – the happiest sweats you will ever break
- Psycle London- HIIT/Barre/Strength/Yoga free and updated daily on their Instagram
- Annie Clarke and Phoebe Greenacre both have free yoga on their Instagram or pay what you can for online classes

Stay well, take care