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GAIN Events at Schools and Universities

GAIN exists to change the way girls and young women think about the world of investing. To do that, we host talks and events across schools and universities in the UK. If you'd like to host a talk, please let us know here.




GAIN 13th- GAIN talk at Christ the King- Aquinus School


GAIN 7th- GAIN talk at Ibstock Place School
GAIN 9th- GAIN Launch Event


GAIN 4th- GAIN Panel Discussion at Brasenose Oxford. Click here for more details. 
Francis Holland School, Sloane Square

7th- Francis Holland Chelsea Careers fair

GAIN 11th- GAIN talk at Francis Holland School
GAIN 15th- GAIN talk at Queen Margaret's School, York
FT 16th- NextGen Event hosted by The Financial Times. Click here for tickets.
GAIN 21st- GAIN talk at ARK Academy, Elephant & Castle
GAIN 27th- GAIN talk at Wycombe High School
How To 28th- How to Change the World hosted by How To Academy. Click here for tickets.



GAIN 22nd- GAIN talk at Harrogate Ladies' College
GAIN 24th- GAIN talk at Reading Blue Coat School
GAIN 27th- GAIN talk at Reddam House School


Benenden 1st- Benenden School Careers Fair
GAIN 4th- GAIN talk at St Mary's Ascot
GAIN 5th- GAIN talk at St Edwards School, Oxford
Cambridge 10th- University of Cambridge Investment Management MBA workshop
GAIN 12th- GAIN talk at Harlington School, Hayes
UCL 12th- Share the Vision panel discussion hosted by University College London with GAIN  
Advent 14th- Advent International with Level 20 Sixth form Day
GAIN 24th- GAIN talk at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Sefton
GAIN 24th- GAIN talk at Magull High School, Sefton
Oxford 25th- University of Oxford Venture Capital Panel Event


SAID 2nd- 'Demystifying Management' panel discussion hosted by SAID Business School, Oxford and GAIN
Cranleigh 3rd- Professionals Dinner hosted by Cranleigh School
GAIN 5th- GAIN talk at Fettes College, Edinburgh
GAIN 6th- GAIN talk at Newton Abbot College
SHHS 10th- GAIN representative at South Hampstead High School Careers Fair
GAIN 11th- GAIN talk at Nonsuch High School
Cambridge 14th- Wo+Men's Leadership Conference 2020 at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Click here for more information.
GAIN 17th- GAIN talk at Sydney Stringer Academy, Coventry
Malborough 19th- GAIN representative at Marlborough College Careers Fair
GAIN 20th- GAIN talk at Clapton Girls Academy
GAIN 25th- GAIN talk at St Mary's and St John's School, London


GAIN 22nd- GAIN talk at Bishop Douglass School, Finchley